Over time, your needs and priorities change. Your home can change along with you. Often renovations and additions can adapt your existing property to support your lifestyle without the cost and hassle of moving. Preserve your existing home, update its look, and make the structure more energy efficient. Keith Construction can help you plan and execute renovations and additions.

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Home Renovations

Older homes display character and classic architecture while containing the memories of a lifetime. Over time, though, a home can become less energy efficient, require maintenance, and may not suit your current lifestyle. A home renovation updates your home with green technology and modern materials to meet current efficiency and safety standards. Additions and updates bring your beloved home back into alignment with your life.

Our home renovations use high-quality materials and are both guaranteed and insured. Let us make your home your dream home again with our Vernon renovation experts.

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Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is the heart of a home, and many clients who otherwise love their home want to update their kitchens. We can guide you through modern trends, materials, and features to make your kitchen a beautiful and comfortable place. Our design team is ready to help plan a facelift or refresh for your kitchen, or to plan a complete rebuild.

Update the heart of your home with a custom kitchen renovation. Whether it’s a new countertop or a pantry addition, we can help.

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Bathroom Renovations

Modernizing or expanding a bathroom can increase your home’s value while saving you money with new plumbing and fixtures. Turn a boring bathroom into your own personal spa, or expand your master bedroom with a custom powder room. Our knowledgeable team can recommend the latest bathroom updates and materials to make your renovation exactly the way you want it.

Contact Keith Construction today for a free consultation. Talk to our design experts for guidance on your bathroom renovation.

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Outdoor Projects

We help renovate your home inside and out. Our team handles exterior renovations, landscape issues, water features, decks, fencing, and more. Make your yard a summer paradise with privacy fencing, a sprawling patio, and a refreshing pool. Or create an evening oasis with smart lighting and a luxurious hot tub. Our team is ready to make your outdoor project come to life.

As you plan your outdoor project, you’ll feel confident knowing you’re working with a guaranteed, reputable custom home company. We provide references and insure all our work.

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We enjoyed working with the whole team throughout the process and were exceedingly happy with the final outcome. We first hired Keith Construction in 2013 to build our summer home in Coldstream BC.  The design, estimating and construction phases all went very well.  We enjoyed working with the whole team throughout the process and were exceedingly happy with the final outcome.  The team...


We could not be happier in our new home. We could not be happier in our new home. While this was not our first custom build, it certainly was the most enjoyable as we were involved throughout the process. We brought our ideas and budget, and their drafstsperson was able to come up with the design we were looking for. We found every trade to be experienced and very professional craftsmen...


He always provided creative suggestions and good ideas when we had difficult decisions to make After many years of planning our retirement home, we chose Keith Construction to put those plans on paper and to construct the home of our dreams. From the inception of our house design through the construction phase, our experience with Keith Construction has been nothing but positive. The staff ...


They listened carefully to our ideas and they were diligent in providing workable solutions. In 2016 we engaged Keith Construction to create a new outdoor living and entertainment space at our home. Their professional, knowledgeable and helpful staff guided us through all the stages of the project, including discussion of our requirements, creation of detailed computer models, cost estimation...


We were in good hands! It was a great experience working with Keith Construction’s wonderful team. They are very approachable and answered any and all questions we had. Being the second time we had built a house, it was a very different experience than our first. We were far more involved, which was great as we learned a lot and were a part of the entire process. We really enjoyed it! We...

St. Hilaire

You always hear about the horror stories from others when building a new home, but this is not one of them.   Being this was my dream home and first experience with a build, I wanted a contractor  I could trust, that would complete the project with quality and value in mind.  From the early stages of design through project completion, I felt I was in good hands with Keith Construction....


Our experience with Keith Construction, their staff and subcontractors can be summed up as "OUTSTANDING". From the concept of our major renovation to the finished project Keith Construction demonstrated their ability and depth to work with us to achieve what we envisioned to be our perfect dream home. Thank you Keith Construction!  


Approaching every situation with a pleasant and professional demeanor We are very pleased to offer a letter of recommendation for Keith Construction. No one at the original groundbreaking ceremony February 2014 believed that just over eight months later October 2014, that our home had gone through such a total transformation. The entire Keith Construction crew and their subcontractors were...


Frequently Asked Questions

Do home renovations require a building permit?

Depending on the scope and type of your renovation, you may need building permits. We have over 30 years of experience in building and renovating in the Okanagan, and can guide you through the permit process. We ensure that all needed permits are obtained for your custom renovation.

Can you claim home renovations or improvements on your taxes in Canada?

Renovations made to improve mobility and safety for seniors and people with disabilities can often qualify for a tax credit. A meeting with a tax professional is the best way to establish if your renovation will qualify you for a tax break.

What is the most profitable home renovation?

In terms of resale value, our clients usually see the most benefit from kitchen upgrades, flooring updates, new roofing, and new siding. However, the exact return on any project is subject to the market conditions and buyer priorities. As a general rule, though, investing in your kitchen is a sound idea.

Do home renovations come with warranty?

We offer renovation warranties on all contractor supplied work and materials (in conjunction with the manufacturer’s warranties) for a period of one year.

What green renovations will improve the efficiency of my house?

We offer many renovation and upgrade types that can improve the efficiency of your home. From new windows and doors to Energy Star appliances, we can make the most cost-effective recommendations for your situation.

How long do bathroom renovations take to finish on average?

The timeline depends on the scope of your project, as well as issues such as plumbing that may need to be replaced or structural changes. On average, a simple complete bathroom renovation can take 4-6 weeks. We work with you to detail a timeline that works with your budget and schedule.

How long do kitchen renovations take to finish on average?

The timeline depends on the scope of your project, but kitchen renovations can take longer than other rooms. This is because of the complexities of wiring, plumbing, appliances, and cabinets. On average, a complete kitchen renovation can take up to 4 months. We work with you to detail a timeline that works with your budget and schedule.