New Home Builder

We’re a new home builder with the experience and knowledge to design and construct exactly what you’re looking for. Many of our clients decide to build a new home when their personal needs change, from a growing family that requires more space to retirement or downsizing that works with a smaller home footprint.

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New Home Builder

We’re a new home builder with the experience and knowledge to design and construct exactly what you’re looking for. Many of our clients decide to build a new home when their personal needs change, from a growing family that requires more space to retirement or downsizing that works with a smaller home footprint.

Why Build New?

Many of our clients have to decide between building a new home and renovating their existing property. We discuss the advantages of using a new home builder compared to undertaking renovations. Either can be the right choice based on circumstances, budget, and priorities. Here are the top reasons to consider building a new home.

When building a new home, we adhere to the highest safety and quality standards. Our guaranteed work brings you the confidence to start a new home building project. Call us today and discuss your dreams with Vernon’s home construction experts.

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Modern Standards​

If your existing home is older, you might want to consider building a new property that adheres to modern design and safety standards. Not only do you want to take fire safety, building codes, and structural standards into account, but a new home can integrate features like smart home design and green home construction.

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Warrantied Work

As a professional new home builder, Keith Construction warranties all work through Travelers Guarantee. We also carry the relevant insurance to help make certain your project won’t face delays or extra expenses. (If you do decide renovation is the way to go, rest assured—we also provide renovation warranties.)

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Lower Maintenance.

Your new home will be built to code using the latest construction techniques. All new plumbing, insulation, electrical work, and roofing means you won’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs for a long time. Knowing you’ve got a tightly made, up-to-date home takes a weight off your mind (and your wallet).

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Custom Design.

Get exactly the home you’re dreaming of, with all the features and design elements you want. By starting from scratch, you can build the ideal home to suit your family and your lifestyle. Our expert designers and drafters provide a set of professional drawings our team uses to construct your new home.

First Time Builders

We work with many clients who are first-time new home builders, and we understand what a commitment it is for you to build a brand-new home. We know you’ll have a lot of questions and might need guidance during the design and building process. Keith Construction stays with you every step of the way, making sure you know exactly what’s happening and when.

Our design build process starts with talking to you. We learn everything we can about your wants and needs, how you envision your new home, your style and design preferences, timeline, and budget. From there, we create a detailed estimate for you to review and approve. We go over the schedule with you and discuss your allowances, and we keep you informed during the construction process.

As new home builders with over 30 years of experience, we understand what it takes to gain—and keep—your trust. We look forward to working with you on constructing your ideal new home.

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We enjoyed working with the whole team throughout the process and were exceedingly happy with the final outcome. We first hired Keith Construction in 2013 to build our summer home in Coldstream BC.  The design, estimating and construction phases all went very well.  We enjoyed working with the whole team throughout the process and were exceedingly happy with the final outcome.  The team...


We could not be happier in our new home. We could not be happier in our new home. While this was not our first custom build, it certainly was the most enjoyable as we were involved throughout the process. We brought our ideas and budget, and their drafstsperson was able to come up with the design we were looking for. We found every trade to be experienced and very professional craftsmen...


He always provided creative suggestions and good ideas when we had difficult decisions to make After many years of planning our retirement home, we chose Keith Construction to put those plans on paper and to construct the home of our dreams. From the inception of our house design through the construction phase, our experience with Keith Construction has been nothing but positive. The staff ...


They listened carefully to our ideas and they were diligent in providing workable solutions. In 2016 we engaged Keith Construction to create a new outdoor living and entertainment space at our home. Their professional, knowledgeable and helpful staff guided us through all the stages of the project, including discussion of our requirements, creation of detailed computer models, cost estimation...


We were in good hands! It was a great experience working with Keith Construction’s wonderful team. They are very approachable and answered any and all questions we had. Being the second time we had built a house, it was a very different experience than our first. We were far more involved, which was great as we learned a lot and were a part of the entire process. We really enjoyed it! We...

St. Hilaire

You always hear about the horror stories from others when building a new home, but this is not one of them.   Being this was my dream home and first experience with a build, I wanted a contractor  I could trust, that would complete the project with quality and value in mind.  From the early stages of design through project completion, I felt I was in good hands with Keith Construction....


Our experience with Keith Construction, their staff and subcontractors can be summed up as "OUTSTANDING". From the concept of our major renovation to the finished project Keith Construction demonstrated their ability and depth to work with us to achieve what we envisioned to be our perfect dream home. Thank you Keith Construction!  


Approaching every situation with a pleasant and professional demeanor We are very pleased to offer a letter of recommendation for Keith Construction. No one at the original groundbreaking ceremony February 2014 believed that just over eight months later October 2014, that our home had gone through such a total transformation. The entire Keith Construction crew and their subcontractors were...


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I provide my own set of plans, or do you only build from pre-existing floor plans?

We proudly construct custom homes made exactly to the client’s specifications. You can provide any professional set of architectural drawings for construction, or you can work with our design team to create an in-house plan.

What's the difference between design and drafting?

Put simply, design comes before drafting. Design involves talking to the client, creating sketches and 3D models, refining the concept, and creating a layout. Drafting comes once the design is set, and it’s a technical process that creates a detailed technical drawing that shows how the builder should proceed.

Does Keiths Construction offer in-house design and drafting?

Yes. We have been a custom home design and build company for over 30 years. Our design team has expert knowledge to create the perfect custom home to suit your needs. Our Design Build homes are unique and reflect the client’s lifestyle as well as their personality.

What services are included in designing and drafting a custom home?

Our Design Build homes have four steps through construction. Concept: our design team sits down with you to discuss your ideas, needs, and budget. Design: based on the initial layouts and your feedback, we refine your design until you’re happy. Compliance: during design and construction, we ensure our plans comply with all building codes and regulations. Finalization: we create a set of professional architectural drawings for your project.

What green renovations will improve the efficiency of my house?

We offer many renovation and upgrade types that can improve the efficiency of your home. From new windows and doors to Energy Star appliances, we can make the most cost-effective recommendations for your situation.