Building Dreams: A Guide to Your Journey with Keith Construction

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Here is an exclusive sneak peek into the exciting journey that awaits as we embark on the adventure of bringing your dream home to life! Our team is committed to making this process smooth, enjoyable, and memorable for you and your family. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the key players in our team, highlight the importance of hiring a designer, discuss communication tools, delve into timelines and changes, and provide essential reminders for a successful construction experience.

Meet Your Team:
  • Pre-Construction: This team member meticulously prepares documents before construction begins, laying the foundation for a successful build.
  • Project Manager: Your go-to person for all site-related matters. They manage field staff and trades, ensuring the execution of the plan according to schedule.
  • Project Coordinator: Your main contact for selections and finalizing trade quotes. They assist the Project Manager and keep the office management tools in order.
  • General Manager: Oversees the entire construction process, emphasizing quality and efficiency.


The Role of a Designer:

Consider hiring a designer to finalize details and material choices before construction starts. This ensures a seamless and efficient build, minimizing potential issues and creating a hassle-free construction experience from the get-go.


Communication Tools:

Effective communication is crucial. We utilize:

  • Progress Meetings: Weekly or biweekly meetings to strategize and build a strong team relationship.
  • On-Site Reviews: Covering framing, rough-in, electrical, low voltage, and mechanical aspects.
  • Buildertrend: Online management software for real-time organization of schedules, documents, pictures, videos, and more.


Timelines and Changes:

Understanding and respecting timelines is essential. Construction timelines can be affected by various factors such as permits, manpower, weather, and product availability. Keith Construction maintains updated schedules and budgets to ensure informed decisions and timely progress.

Changes in work, while possible, may incur additional time and planning costs. It’s crucial to communicate changes promptly and efficiently, utilizing tools like Selection Approval and Change Orders through Buildertrend.


Things to Be Mindful Of:
  • Site Specific Variables: Unknowns like earthworks, access, grading, and hazardous materials can impact construction.
  • Safety: Owners should notify the Project Manager before visiting the site, and living on-site during construction is unsafe.
  • Quality Checks: Owners are advised not to supply materials or hire outside trades without our quality check.
  • Onsite Design/Build: Involving architects or owners in the design/build process can be time-consuming and costly.
  • Living Arrangements: Find suitable living arrangements during construction, as it’s unsafe to live in the home until occupancy approval.
  • Insurance: Keith Construction provides Course of Construction Insurance (COC) at the owner’s expense. Homeowners are also advised to insure the home with their personal home and contents insurance during renovations.


Embarking on a construction journey is a significant endeavor, and at Keith Construction, we are dedicated to making this experience exceptional for you. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your dream home becomes a reality to enjoy for years to come. Let’s build something incredible together!

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