We don’t know who was looking over us when we stumbled across Keith Construction during our search for a contractor but hey, once in a while a guy just gets lucky! The easy qualities you are looking for in a contractor are pretty obvious: honesty, creativity, communication skills, timeliness, accurate record keeping, and ample connections to a pool of trades that put in an honest days work at the best possible price. Other traits are less tangible and much more elusive such as care, empathy and willingness to be accountable. Last but not the least, making you feel that your project is the most important and beautiful project to ever grace the Okanagan Valley. Keith Construction was able to do just that! It’s important to note that after the dismal failure that we experienced while working with a well-known architectural firm, Keith Construction was able to complete our home plans using their in-house drafting. The draftsperson altered and completed the plans, providing us with the dream home that we had envisioned.