What is unique about Vernon’s 4 main lakes?

Each of the 3 lakes offers a unique setting, story and atmosphere yet all have their natural beauty in common. Okanagan Lake, with its, “lake monsters,” incredible depth and wide array of beaches, offers beach visitors an opportunity to simply relax or swim in one of the deepest freshwater lakes in Canada. Kalamalka Lake, with its seasonally changing hues, surrene picnic and camping spots and array of popular fishing areas, offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a well-rounded day or weekend out. Swan Lake offers a quieter, shallower option and is surrounded by wetlands, offering some of the best bird watching in BC. Last, but certainly not least, Wood Lake is one of the warmest and calmest lakes in the Okanagan. It is surrounded by two marinas, making this lake a popular trout fishing, camping and beach spot. 

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