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Should land be purchased before or after I contact a home builder?

It’s best to contact our team before purchasing property. Often a client has specific wants and needs that work better with particular types of land. Sometimes, clients think flat, featureless land is best for building, but slopes and features add interest and make certain types of construction easier. If you already have land, you can contact us anyway and see what options best suit your property.

How long does it take to build a custom home in Vernon?

The time frame for building a new home varies depending on property features, type of home, and whether plans are already created and up to code. Some homes can be done in as little as six months, but others may take longer. We discuss all scheduling constraints and allowances ahead of time and work with you to create a workable schedule.

What is a new home warranty?

In BC, builders are required to provide home buyers with a third-party warranty. Your home warranty usually includes deposit insurance and protects you against defects in work, materials, and structure. Some warranties cover additional items, such as a home mechanical system. We warranty all our work and are happy to discuss the details with you during your consultation.

What is Keiths Construction's new home warranty?

We offer Travelers Canada new home warranty as part of our new home construction. Travelers Canada is a well-regarded, established provider of home warranties in BC and Western Canada. We would be happy to discuss the warranty details during your initial consultation.

Can we make changes during the home building process?

Keith Construction uses a project management software called BuilderTrend. If changes are requested during construction, we discuss the details with the client and then issue change orders through BuilderTrend. This keeps all information and requests in one convenient place for you.

Can I provide my own set of plans, or do you only build from pre-existing floor plans?

We proudly construct custom homes made exactly to the client’s specifications. You can provide any professional set of architectural drawings for construction, or you can work with our design team to create an in-house plan.

What is meant by "Built Green" when building a new home?

Built Green Canada began in 2003, and is a national organization that works with builders to create and maintain responsible sustainability practices. Built Green homes adhere to a number of environmental and sustainable standards, which we can discuss during your initial consultation.

Who is responsible for obtaining the building permits from the city when building a new home?

At Keith Construction, we have over 30 years experience in Vernon and the Okanagan. We understand the most efficient way to apply and gain the appropriate permits for your project. Part of our commitment to you is ensuring all the proper permits are obtained.

What energy efficient options are offered when building a custom home?

We are Built Green builders and adhere to the highest standards of environmentalism and sustainability. We know many different ways to create energy efficiency in our homes, including building envelope options, house positioning, efficient mechanical and water systems, window and door construction, and earth-friendly building materials.

Do you use any renewable or recylced materials when building custom homes?

Yes, we commit to using earth-friendly materials and sustainable practices wherever possible. Some of our building materials contain recycled content, and many conserve natural resources, avoid toxic emissions, and are rapidly renewable. These include bamboo, cork, and straw.

What's the difference between design and drafting?

Put simply, design comes before drafting. Design involves talking to the client, creating sketches and 3D models, refining the concept, and creating a layout. Drafting comes once the design is set, and it’s a technical process that creates a detailed technical drawing that shows how the builder should proceed.

Does Keiths Construction offer in-house design and drafting?

Yes. We have been a custom home design and build company for over 30 years. Our design team has expert knowledge to create the perfect custom home to suit your needs. Our Design Build homes are unique and reflect the client’s lifestyle as well as their personality.

What services are included in designing and drafting a custom home?

Our Design Build homes have four steps through construction. Concept: our design team sits down with you to discuss your ideas, needs, and budget. Design: based on the initial layouts and your feedback, we refine your design until you’re happy. Compliance: during design and construction, we ensure our plans comply with all building codes and regulations. Finalization: we create a set of professional architectural drawings for your project.

Do home renovations require a building permit?

Depending on the scope and type of your renovation, you may need building permits. We have over 30 years of experience in building and renovating in the Okanagan, and can guide you through the permit process. We ensure that all needed permits are obtained for your custom renovation.

Can you claim home renovations or improvements on your taxes in Canada?

Renovations made to improve mobility and safety for seniors and people with disabilities can often qualify for a tax credit. A meeting with a tax professional is the best way to establish if your renovation will qualify you for a tax break.

What is the most profitable home renovation?

In terms of resale value, our clients usually see the most benefit from kitchen upgrades, flooring updates, new roofing, and new siding. However, the exact return on any project is subject to the market conditions and buyer priorities. As a general rule, though, investing in your kitchen is a sound idea.

Do home renovations come with warranty?

We offer renovation warranties on all contractor supplied work and materials (in conjunction with the manufacturer’s warranties) for a period of one year.

What green renovations will improve the efficiency of my house?

We offer many renovation and upgrade types that can improve the efficiency of your home. From new windows and doors to Energy Star appliances, we can make the most cost-effective recommendations for your situation.

How long do bathroom renovations take to finish on average?

The timeline depends on the scope of your project, as well as issues such as plumbing that may need to be replaced or structural changes. On average, a simple complete bathroom renovation can take 4-6 weeks. We work with you to detail a timeline that works with your budget and schedule.

How long do kitchen renovations take to finish on average?

The timeline depends on the scope of your project, but kitchen renovations can take longer than other rooms. This is because of the complexities of wiring, plumbing, appliances, and cabinets. On average, a complete kitchen renovation can take up to 4 months. We work with you to detail a timeline that works with your budget and schedule.

Where is Vernon, BC located?

Vernon is nestled in the heart of the North Okanagan, set between the city of Armstrong to the North, and Kelowna to the Southwest.

What's the population of Vernon, BC?

Approximately 40,572 people call Vernon, BC home.

What is the weather like in Vernon, BC?

Vernon experiences the beauty of all four Canadian seasons and residents describe Vernon’s weather as temperate and warm in the summer months, and sunny and humid in the winter months. The perfect conditions for year-round adventures!

How many days of Sunshine does Vernon, BC get a year?

Vernon gets on average about 301 days of sunshine a year – that’s 2027 hours of picture-perfect weather!

When was Vernon, BC first established?

The city of Vernon was first incorporated on December 30, 1892, after being well-known for assisting in establishing the Clearwater Ranch in Clearwater, BC. Long before the settler days, the Syilx people were the original occupants of the land and resided in communities built around Okanagan Lake and Swan Lake due to an abundance of naturally occurring food supplies.

What is the local scenery like?

Vernon is home to a wide selection of ecosystems and is extremely biologically diverse. You can find multiple different unique landscapes such as forests, four local lakes surrounding the entire area, numerous waterfalls, rivers, streams, mountains, rolling hills and vineyards. Due to its unique scenery, Vernon attracts and is beloved by many different kinds of people, making it a truly unique place to visit.

How far is Vernon, BC from other major surrounding cities?

Vernon is only a short 40 minute drive to Kelowna, BC, a 1.5 hour drive to Kamloops, BC and a decent 440km trip Northwest to Vancouver, BC.

What is there to do in Vernon, BC?

Vernon is home to endless adventures and activities. Depending on the time of year, Vernon offers multiple different seasonally appropriate enjoyable activities. In the summer months, Vernon offers scenic hikes, luscious winery landscapes, the ever popular Enderby float and multiple unique parks and lake spots. In the winter months, Vernon’s Silver Star Ski Resort is bustling with enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders. There are several local skating rinks, snowshoeing trails and cross-country skiing trips for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy. In Vernon, the possibilities are endless but the good times are plentiful!

How many dining options are there in Vernon, BC?

Vernon is sure to delight with its delicious treats that tantalize your taste buds. It’s no wonder that Vernon has become well known and popular as a, “foodie haven.” Vernon offers a variety of culinary experiences that will delight any palette and taste. Vernon currently has over 20 well-known and liked local restaurants, bistros, and pubs offering multiple different dining options, cultures and styles.

How many lakes are near Vernon, BC?

Vernon’s natural beauty and pristine backdrop is partly due to the natural beauty created by its surrounding lakes.  There are four main lakes surrounding Vernon, namely Okanagan Lake, Kalamalka Lake, Swan Lake, and Wood Lake further south.

What is unique about Vernon’s 4 main lakes?

Each of the 3 lakes offers a unique setting, story and atmosphere yet all have their natural beauty in common. Okanagan Lake, with its, “lake monsters,” incredible depth and wide array of beaches, offers beach visitors an opportunity to simply relax or swim in one of the deepest freshwater lakes in Canada. Kalamalka Lake, with its seasonally changing hues, surrene picnic and camping spots and array of popular fishing areas, offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a well-rounded day or weekend out. Swan Lake offers a quieter, shallower option and is surrounded by wetlands, offering some of the best bird watching in BC. Last, but certainly not least, Wood Lake is one of the warmest and calmest lakes in the Okanagan. It is surrounded by two marinas, making this lake a popular trout fishing, camping and beach spot. 

What other activities are available in Vernon, BC?

Vernon offers many unique landscapes, activities and attractions making this beloved quaint town a popular attraction among visitors and locals alike. Whether you’re in the mood to explore a nearby hiking trail, hit some gold balls, visit a world-class winery or simply enjoy a bike ride through the town, Vernon is eager to please. The city center offers an array of different shops and local businesses and for those visitors looking for a romantic date or weekend away, Sparkling Hills Resort is just a short drive away. Unique experiences are plentiful in Vernon and those looking for a slightly different activity will be pleased to discover places like Planet Bee, a local honey farm, The Okanagan Science Center, Alpacas Haven and even a waterslide park at Splashdown. No matter your preference, Vernon offers fun-filled activities for the entire family to enjoy.

What kind of shopping is there in Vernon, BC?

Vernon is proud to support both local small businesses and larger chains, delivering its visitors the most diverse shopping experience possible. Our local shopping attractions include multiple art galleries, speciality and gift shops, markets, garment and clothing stores, beauty bars as well as arts and craft shops. For those visitors looking to try something truly unique, we recommend trying the “Olive Us” Oil and Vinegar Tasting Room or browse the stalls at the Davison Orchards Country Village.

What are the locals’ favorite restaurants?

Vernon is home to many delights and the varied selection of local cuisine is no different. We asked the Vernon locals to select their favourite restaurants and this is what they have chosen. Rest assured, you’ll be pleased with the choice to visit any of the below suggested restaurants.

  • Eatology
  • Friesen’s Countrytyme Gardens 
  • Midtown Bistro
  • The Fig Bistro
  • Ratio Coffee & Pastry
  • Wings 
  • Pane Vino Pizzeria
  • Station BBQ Smokehouse
  • 1913 Restaurant
What are the best fine dining restaurants in Vernon?

Vernon offers a wide variety of fine dining options for those visitors celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to celebrate the finer things in life. If an international wine list, steak dishes and fine dining speak to you, be sure to visit these dining treasures mentioned below:
For fine dining in Vernon, explore the following options:

  • Intermezzo Restaurant & Wine Cellar
  • PeakFine Restaurant at Sparkling Hill Resort
  • Fairways Restaurant at Vernon Golf & Country Club
What does Vernon have for local grocers?

Vernon is well known for its impeccable weather and growing conditions and is proud to offer residents and visitors high quality, locally grown, sustainable produce and animal products. Vernon offers a wide variety of artisanal grocers, offering only the highest quality products.

Our list of artisanal grocers include: 

  • Swan Lake Nurseryland
  • Davison Orchards 
  • Grillers Meats 
  • Planet Bee
  • Vernon Farmers Market
  • Olive Us Olive Oil & Vinegar Tasting Room
  • Hot Bread Shoppe


What are the best local wineries, distilleries, and breweries in Vernon?

It’s no secret that Vernon is popular among wine, beer and spirit enthusiasts and with its list of unique venues to try, we can’t say we’re surprised. During your next visit, be sure to visit some of the local’s top suggestions below:

  • O’Rourke’s Peak Cellars Winery
  • 50th Parallel Estate
  • Arrowleaf Cellars
  • Intrigue Winery
  • Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery
  • BX Press Cidery
  • Farmstrong Cider Company
How many communities & neighbourhoods are in Vernon, BC?

Vernon is commonly called the gem of the Northern Okanagan because of its thriving and diverse communities. Within the region of Vernon, you can find seven main communities and neighbourhoods, all offering their own attractions and features. These include:

  • Downtown Vernon
  • Okanagan Landing
  • Silver Star
  • Predator Ridge
  • The Rise
  • BX
  • Coldstream
What is there to do in Predator Ridge?

Predator Ridge is a growing community that offers a little taste of Vernon’s best qualities. Sprawling golf courses, world-class wineries, Sparkling Hill Resort and endless amenities like grocery stores, gas stations, and more can be found here. Stunning family homes overlook the valley and numerous lakes.

Where is Adventure Bay located?

Adventure Bay is a thriving and friendly year-round community on the north  shoreline of Lake Okanagan.

What is it like in Adventure Bay?

Adventure Bay homes are mainly south-facing and take in endless panoramic lake, vineyard, & mountain views.

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