Design with resale in mind

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“Who thinks about resale value when building a new home? While it may seem odd for a person who’s building a new home to think about selling it, it’s important to address what you want and what the market wants even in the initial planning stages. If you’re not careful, you may design your dream home and find that no one else will buy it later!”

A few examples of this are:

Very customized and atypical floor plans can result in restrictive spaces for the future owner or even future phases of your life.

Consider room sizes and the use of space, everyday flexibility becomes more important in our lives; the capacity to utilize a space for several purposes is becoming a significant element for buyers

Open floor layouts are one great way to allow for owners to customize room layouts to suit their preferences

Think about your finishes. How often do you have to clean them? How often do you have to perform maintenance and how much does it cost?

Don’t worry about paint, that’s an easy alteration!

“Find the balance between what you want and what the market wants!” – Ken Dahlen

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